Clarrisse Gill

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SECRET TO HEALTH & WEALTH! (for Divine Members Only)
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When we speak the Words of Life to one another, 
Life & Revival is what we get.
When we speak the words of death to one another, 
Death & despair is what we get.

My Lyrics are Words that Give Us Life!
Life to Rejoice!
Life to bring Peace!
Life to bring tender loving corrections!
Life to bring Redemption!
Life to bring Restoration!
Life to bring Salvation to all Mankind!

Life is short, why not Live in Love, Peace & Joy!
The Truth brings Life because it sets us free from the
lies of the enemy...

Choose Life and Not death!
Choose Love and Not hate!
Choose Forgiveness and Not bitterness!
Choose Light and Not darkness!
Choose Healing and Not sickness!
Choose Smile and Not pout!
Choose Joy and Not sadness!
Choose Humility and Not high pride!

Pick Words of Life in your choice of Music for
yourself, your children, your friends & relatives!!

Thank you for listening.

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