Clarrisse Gill

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01. "Forgive Them For Your Sake"
02. "The Lost"
03. "Dear Terrorist"
04. "American Soldiers Are Heroes!"
05. "Holy War?"
06. "You Are Truly The God to Be Praised"
07. "Dear Criminals"
08. "I Repent My Lord"
09. "What Must I Do to Be Saved"
10. "Jesus Is Real"
11. "God Loves to Heal You"
12. "Wake Up America!"
13. "Kids... Guess Who Loves You"
14. "I Love J.C."
15. "Listen Up! (The Ten Commandments)"
16. "Jada"
17. "Mya"
18. "Let Go Let God"
19. "Just Walk In Love"
20. "God Luvs to Heal You"
21. "A Mama's Cry"
22. "Artist's Slogan"

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