What is Your Life Worth? Album Title : What is Your Life Worth?
    Songwriter : Clarrisse Gill
    Producer : Clarrisse Gill
    Price : (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon

To be released in 60 days! Keep checking it here!


01. I’m Praying (4:22)
02. Lend Me Your Ears (5:22)
03. God Loves to Heal You (6:10)
04. Forgive Them for Your Sake (6:54)
05. You Are Truly the God to Be Praised (5:53)
06. God, You are Always on My Mind (3:42)
07. What is Your Life Worth? (4:44)
08. I Praise You Some More (4:30)
09. What Do You Eat? (4:14)
10. Where is Your Faith? (4:13)
11. I See Your Face Jesus (5:26)
12. Jesus Forgives and Heals (5:04)
13. I Am Healed (4:19)
14. I’m Grateful to You (5:16)
15. Why Die When You Can Live? (7:08)
16. Let Go Let God (2:02)

Coming Soon



What is Your Life Worth?” Album is a Preaching CD with Melody! A fresh perspective, visionary art method of preaching! The preachers, such as Clarrisse Gill and Dave Gill, convert true-to-life stories into songs to reach out to others. Song lyrics are also inspired by the stories and verses in the Bible. This album is about preaching, healing, health, as well as how to overcome challenges, defeat cancer and other diseases. You will be inspired and empowered with Preach N’ Sing songs! It will be life-changing for you! Enjoy!