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What Do You Love? (Album)


  1. 1Pray in Love
  2. 2Shame on You!
  3. 3What Good is It?
  4. 4What Do You Eat?
  5. 5You Are Not All That!
  6. 6The Truth Shall Set You Free!
  7. 7Do You Love God?
  8. 8What Do You Love?
  9. 9Reap What You Sow
  10. 10It's Time
  11. 11Persevere
  12. 12Exercise Your Mind
  13. 13Purify Me, Oh God
  14. 14What is Your Fruit?
  15. 15What Matters in Life
  16. 16What is Your Dream? (Rap)
  17. 17How Much Higher Can You Soar?
  18. 18Wanna Be Sexy and Sassy?
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Product Description

This album is an introduction of a one-of-a-kind, unique, revolutionary, life-changing and fun method to preach! Preach N’ Rap Music Genre is an artistic way to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It means “talking about the Bible with melody” or “rapping about the Bible with clean anointed words” or “preaching life lessons with melody.” A fresh perspective in preaching and rapping, the lessons and lyrics are written by Clarrisse Gill – the founder of Preach N’ Rap and Preach N’ Sing Genres. Preach N’ Sing Records is the mother music ministry and Preach N’ Rap is under this umbrella.

“What Do You Love?” Album is produced by Preach N’ Sing Records, Inc. – a non-profit record label that is one-of-a-kind, revolutionary, unique, creative, heartfelt and life-changing! “Artist 4 The Word” are visionary artists who are carrying out this innovative method and are multiplying rapidly as God’s desires for us to grow and expand His kingdom in order to reach out to the lost, sick and those in need. Preach N’ Rap Genre hopes and prays to inspire, exhort, edify, empower and encourage YOU!


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