The Lost (Directions to Eternal Life)


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The Lost (Directions to Eternal Life)

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Are you lost? Confused?

This song birthed because of the true story a couple experienced in Utah. They were traveling there and new in the city. They decided to not look at the map but depended on the GPS… Well, it was 10:00 PM… The road was dark. The GPS voice said to turn left and they did… but it turned out to be a dead end leading to a bridge for miners. The couple’s vehicle would have crashed and fell off from the high cliff if they continued on… but a higher calling’s voice demanded to stop the car instantly. They listened and led them to turn around. It was very dark, they could not see… but their Faith and Spiritual Discernment made them to obey and they were back in the safe road and reached their destination. The next day, they inquired and that’s how they found out about the dangerous road. If they did not turn around… they would have been dead.

How many dreams are dead because they are so lost and never turned around? If you have a dream… this song hopes to start you out with a road map.


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