Why Does Clarrisse Gill Create Revolutionary and Impacting Songs?

Why did Clarrisse Gill decide to be a Songwriter? An Artist? A Singer? A Revolutionary Preacher? It all started from her own struggles in life. It was never easy. In fact, she tried to run away from her calling because she felt like she was not good enough… but God pursued her! Today, she is a one-of-a-kind Songwriter/Artist/Preacher/Singer! She does everything in her own creativity and style. The video will tell her story – why she decided to be all that God has created her to be despite her feeling of inadequacy! Her story is inspiring, empowering & encouraging!


Here are videos to lift up your spirit, inspire your day, empower to love and motivate you to live to the fullest… because your life is precious! Feel free to share via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You may also print and download!

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