“When one is passionate about his work, there is a driving force that compels to do the greatest job, which creates significance to oneself and to others, therefore, one achieves true and everlasting success.”

Clarrisse Gill, Songwriter/Writer


  1. PSR

    January 10, 2016 (07:45) Reply

    A truly gift from God songs! We learn the Bible verses at the same time enjoy! What a combination! Say goodbye to boredom in church! Say goodbye to not understanding some of the Bible verses because CGill records simplifies it for you in a song with humanly inspired true stories as well!

  2. Maunt

    January 10, 2016 (07:57) Reply

    Hi Clarrisse, It worked. You are really a blessing. I’m really honored to know you. I’m going to be a father next month. Working for you has really helped me out a lot. I will be going back to my part time job in February, when the University opens. I sometimes feel like you were sent by God. I’m also working on an EDM album that I want to release in June, Or December, called “Blessed”. but i’m thinking of changing it to “Gifted”. Tell me which title you like most, you are definitely getting a free copy.

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