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What is Clarrisse Gill (CGill) Records?

CGill Records is a Christian Independent Record Label that produces original songs. Our mission is to inspire and empower others through music as well as encourage and recognize songwriters/poets/vocalists who may or may not believe in their talents.

Who is Clarrisse Gill?

Clarrisse Gill is the founder/owner of CGill Records. She believes that inspirational writings and testimonies can be conveyed through music by converting them into songs… songs that are heartfelt and life changing!

Clarrisse’s focus is on inspiration through words rather than just entertainment, which is why CGill Records recognizes the value of writers. She believes that with good lyrics, singers will come. Great singers are also valued especially when they go beyond the norm. In this label, Clarrisse is looking for passionate, heartfelt, revolutionary singers/rappers – rather than just talent.

She has a variety of song genres and singers. Her self-produced albums are unique, one of a kind and revolutionary, as well as encouraging and empowering to those who think they are not good enough! Perhaps… they are with CGill Records!

Music at CGill Records will:

  • bring joy to your day
  • provide hope to the depressed
  • inspire direction to the lost
  • soften and edify one’s heart
  • encourage dreams to come true
  • add tenderness to your soul
  • strike the right kind of love

…plus entertain!

We have songs that provide wisdom, children’s songs that educate… and MORE!