Preach N’ Sing Records provides resources in a form of materials that will enhance one’s knowledge of the Bible, encourage to learn the verses or even lift you up when down. Be inspired to step out in Faith on God-given Gifts and God-given Health. Feel free to share via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You may also print and download!

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Psalm 23 – Simple Interpretations
60 Seconds with JESUS
Yes, HE is Absolutely Beautiful!
God Sees Your Struggle
Your Bank Account’s PIN # is: J E S U S
I Believe…
Pick up a penny & see what’s in it…
Lift Up Your Spirits First Thing in the Morning!
AMERICA IS A CHRISTIAN NATION! If you do not like it… do not live here!
May You Be Blessed!
Are You Having a Bad Day?
God Speaks to Us in Many Ways…
Cancer or No Cancer, Live Life to the Fullest!
The Judge
Will God Destroy America?
Will You Surrender Your Problems to God?
Dear Mankind
Do You Know Who You Are with GOD?
Are You Enjoying the Beauty of Life?
or Are You Too Busy to See It and to Really Feel It?
Do You Have Friends?
Any Idea Which Food is Good for Our Body Parts? God Created Them for a Reason…
Eat and Enjoy Them!
Do You Know the Antidote to LIFE?
Here it is!
Keep the Love and Grace of God and You’ll Gain Peace
Are You Stressed? Read ABC… to Z
Search Your Heart
Prayer to All with Cancer
American Heroes = U.S. Military
Did You Forget Your Worth as a Woman? Click Here to Remind You…


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Domestic Violence Videos

Are you in an abusive relationship? Be wise and safe! SAY NO TO ABUSE!

Watch the video, then get some help:


Do you believe that God created you to be all that you can be?

Listen to the story of a woman who was a victim of domestic violence but overcame it! She prayed: God, “Let Me Be the Woman” that You Created Me to Be!


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