About the Contest

When you submit your written poem to Preach N’ Poem Records, we will choose the best poems that fit our criteria to turn into a song. When you win, we will reward you by converting your poem into a song at our expense and recognize you as a writer or poet. We will publish it for you via our websites and other social media for FREE!

If qualified, your converted poem could be included in the album production with Clarrisse Gill. The contest starts now! You may submit at any time by sending your poem to You may also use the contact form. Our staff will email you for more details after your submission.


Please see the following criteria before submitting your poem:

  • One or two verses from the Bible (Christian)
  • Humanly-inspired stories
  • Heartfelt, Sincere and Clean
  • Must be original. No plagiarism or copyright infringement at all!
  • Zero tolerance for bad words and foul language

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The mission of this contest is to encourage, empower and inspire others! If you want to join but you need help to start or be encouraged, please do not hesitate to email Krystal the Poet at

Collaboration with other writers and poets are allowed. All will be recognized.

Thank you for joining our contest! We hope and pray that your poem writings will bless the multitudes, as well as encourage, empower and inspire YOU to pursue your writings and God-given dream!

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