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You may fill up the form or email: for your prayer request. We will keep you in our daily prayer. To learn how to pray, please pray along with the attached prayers.

We encourage prayer requests because we believe in The Power of Prayer as the following verses say so:

1 John 5:14-15 (NIV)

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of him.”

Spiritual Warring Prayer

(Artist’s Prayer that Made a Difference)

PrayingPhotoOh Heavenly Father… I Speak Courage and Blessings to Me… I Speak with Love and Truth. I Speak Life to Me… that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the Gospel. I lay it all at the foot of the cross – my spirit, my soul and my body to you, oh Lord… I surrender to you my weaknesses, my sins, my dreams, my fears, my life and make me fit to your kingdom. Use me as an instrument to deliver your messages. I ought to Speak Boldly to everyone the Good news of Salvation in JESUS CHRIST. I will not allow circumstances to restrain me from Speaking the Truth In Love.

As Your Word say in Mark 8:34-35, Let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow ME. For whoever desires To save his life will surely lose it, but whoever loses his life for MY Sake and The Gospel’s Will Save It.

Yes, I receive Your Words, Lord, Jesus Christ. I take up my Cross, Crucify my flesh and Follow YOU. Your Words are “Health & Nourishment To My Soul,” “Healing to my Body.” I have Faith in YOU… I Believe in YOU and Your Mighty Works. I know that Your Holy Spirit is waiting on me to Act according to You and I Am. I will Not represent YOU in vain nor conceit. I am no longer a baby Christian drinking milk. I have progressed in Maturity, Stability and Integrity with YOU. YOU have fully equipped me to Empower others, to Edify every member of the body of Christ for the purpose of “True Supernatural Growth of the Body to Millions and Millions of Christians.”

I refer to your Words in Psalm 91: My Almighty God Shadday, I dwell in Your secret place… a place of the Most High. I shall abide under Your shadow, my Almighty, YOU are my Refuge and my Fortress. In YOU, I Will trust. YOU cover me with your feathers. Under Your wings, I shall take Refuge. Your Truth shall be my shield and my buckler. I shall not be afraid of the terror by night nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that walks in the darkness, nor the destruction that lays waste at noonday. A thousand may fall at my side, and ten thousand at my right hand, but it shall.. Not come near me.

I stand in prayer against injustice and anything that opposes You GOD. I intercede on behalf of Your people. My motivation is to see YOU Glorified. My Goal is to see Your People… who are my brothers and sisters in Christ, in YOU be Restored! Oh Father, my request is to see more judgments & punishments to the proud and to those who slay the widows and the innocents and to those who murder the fatherless. I will rise up against the evildoers. I will stand up for the innocent blood. Despite of my anxieties, oh Father… Your Words of comfort delight my soul.

YOU are my Defense and the Rock of my Refuge.

YOU are my Strong Conqueror GOD Almighty, Shadday.

Therefore, In YOU, I shall be strong and fear NO evil!

YOU are my Shepherd, I shall not want, YOU maketh me lie down in green pastures.

YOU Lead me beside the still waters.

YOU will never leave me nor fosake me, YOU are always with me.

In JESUS’ Mighty Name, Amen.

By Clarrisse Gill. Psalm 91: 1-7, Psalm 94, Psalm 23, Psalm 106, Eph. 4:12-16, 6:19-20. This is the Prayer that Clarrisse Gill Prays when there are oppositions, conflicts, disagreements, spiritual warfare.

Prayer for the Nation

Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says: “Woe to those who call evil good,” but that is exactly what we have done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare. We have killed our unborn and called it choice. We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable. We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self esteem. We have abused power and called it politics. We have coveted our neighbor’s possession and called it ambition. We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression. We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment. Search us, Oh God, and know our hearts today, cleanse us from every sin and Set us Free. Amen.

Thank you, Billy Graham for sharing your prayer for our nation.. Love, Clarrisse Gill.

Commentator Paul Harvey: With the Lord’s help, may this prayer sweep over our nation and wholeheartedly become our desire so that we again can be called: “One Nation Under God.” Please pass this prayer to all your family members, friends, associates and to all people. “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything.”

Thank you, Paul Harvey for sharing your comments. Love, Clarrisse Gill.

Prayer for the Family

Oh Heavenly Father, I ask you to please touch the heart of every family member… our children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, in-laws, all relatives and our beloved parents. I pray that everyone of them will receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and will follow Him fully. Please convict those who manipulate and distort the true function of brotherhood and sisterhood. Please rebuke the wickedness amongst all family members. I ask forgiveness for those who know not what they do. I ask for those who are spiritually blind to see again and to repent of their sin and be completely delivered.

Oh Father God, please make us understand Your Word that says:

“A Tree is known by its Fruit.” – Matthew 12:33-37

“A house divided against itself will never stand.” – Matthew 12:25

“God brings Much Blessings when there is Spiritual Unity.” – Psalm 133:1

I pray that all family members will receive Your Word and accept your discipline. Please direct our hearts to the true meaning and function of a loving family and We Live It. Thank you, oh Father God for your Love, Corrections, Wisdom, Courage, Joy, Peace and All the Fruit of Your Spirit and the Gifts of Your Spirit. I declare in confidence that all these fruits and gifts shall manifest in each and every member of families. I pray for Your Protection over families. Lord, I Thank You so much for your guidance. Without YOU, I would not know what to say or do… I am so grateful to You, oh Lord. I Love You Very Very Much. In Jesus Christ’s Mighty and Glorious Name, Amen.

Prayer Written By: Clarrisse Gill

Prayer of Surrender and Hope


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