• To provide resources to others in order to inspire, encourage and empower their God-given talents.
  • To spread The Word of God through Music.
  • To share God’s Love through music and artistry – giving purpose to artists and their beloved audience.
  • To encourage, inspire and empower while spreading the love of Christ through creativity and artistry.
  • To reach out to those who have a great passion for God, yet feel they lack talent. Believers who have a genuinely humble heart to spread God’s LOVE and His WORD hold significant value. Our ministry appreciates, encourages and embraces such passion.
  • To reach out to discouraged artists. There are many people in the Kingdom of God who have talents and dreams, yet feel inadequate. Our ministry encourages one another to go after our dreams and use our God-given talents despite disability or insufficiency.
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The passionate heart of Preach N’ Sing Records is to preach the Bible in a form of a song to the lost, sick, oppressed, depressed, poor, sad, lonely, unlovely, untouchable, uneducated, and unreachable hoping to bring forth healing, salvation, forgiveness, grace, peace, joy, kindness, gentleness, direction, education, faith, hope, and most of all – LOVE.


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