Here are videos to lift up your spirit, inspire your day, empower to love and motivate you to live to the fullest… because your life is precious! Feel free to share via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You may also print and download!

AMAZING GRACE Sung by 4 Men Beautifully!
4 Year Old Learning to Preach & Pray!
Life is Colorful, God is Amazing!
What A Smile Can Do
Preach Baby, Preach!
Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye..
By: TD Jakes
Someone Cares for Ya’ and Love Ya’
Help with Your Meditation
This is true for all… even if you are not superstitious – of whatever religious belief or faith.
God Has A Word For You God Has A Word For You…
  When You Leave Earth… What Will Your Friend Say About You?
(w/ Pangga’s Eulogy)
Who’s There for You When You Have No One? Who’s There for You When You are Sooo Lost or Sooo Down?
Click to find out.
What a Wonderful World!
Beautiful Paintings!
What a Beautiful & Peaceful Place!
Original 4th of July Song by Emily
Dave Gill – A Man Who Overcame Cancer w/ No Chemo, No Radiation, No Drugs!

Dave Gill beat cancer by changing his eating lifestyle, but most importantly – his Faith in God. He never stopped living despite a deadly disease. He continued to work and reach out through others (both in his real estate career and his health testimonies) as he became a doctor for himself. A passionate Health Minister! He has researched and is continuing to study on how to defeat diseases the natural way – God’s way!

Preach On Radio
Preach N’ Dance
Preach N’ Act
Preach N’ Poem
Preach N’ Rock
Preach N’ Rap
Preach N’ Sing