Are You Having a Bad Day?


Do not let your heart be troubled...
HE is walking towards you, just focus your eyes towards HIM.
HE loves you & HE wants to help you...
HE wants to hold you & ease your pain, wipe your tears, just loving you...

Let's Walk with Jesus Christ! It will make your day better!
Say a prayer, and then pass Him on to bless others.
Let's love and spread the gospel throughout the world.


Oh God, please help all the
unemployed, the hungry, the
homeless, and all who suffer from
some kind of disease, especially
fear and hate. Be with our
soldiers; please watch over them.
We pray for our COUNTRY to once
again return to "One Nation Under God".


Have a blessed day and touch somebody's life today!
I just did. He's walking around the world - via e-mail!
Pass it on! So He can get there...