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Hi! My name is Clarrisse Gill.

I am more of a visionary artist than a singer. I am introducing a brand new creative, innovative and fresh way to preach, sing and rap. My lyrics are backed up by the Word of God. They are anointed and inspirational! They represent love, peace, joy, forgiveness, grace, mercy, faith, courage, wisdom, boldness, goodness, righteousness, blessings, prosperity, life and truth! The main purpose of my music is to make a difference!
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Preach N' Sing Ministry & Preach N' Sing Records

Our ministry reaches out to the oppressed, depressed, abused, sick, sad, lonely, bored, poor, unlovely, uneducated, and unreachable people via music, radio, websites, books, multimedia, literary programs, and messages that inspire, empower, enlighten, educate, & cheer up!